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Randall S. Richardson Collection

Identifier: CA177-88
Abstract Randall Shelley Richardson was employed both by Civil Air Transport (CAT) and Air America, Inc. His employment with CAT began June 16, 1948, and ended when he retired from Air America on December 31, 1973. His last duty station was Vientiane, Laos, where he was a Captain flying fixed wing aircraft. A certificate of recognition given to Richardson from Headquarters, Military Airlift Command, United States Air Force on May 15, 1969, indicates he also was employed with Southern Air Transport....
Dates: 1917 - 1972; Majority of material found within 1944 - 1956

Donald M. Rinker Collection

Identifier: CA016-93

This collection contains ephemera, memorabilia, and a booklet collected by Donald M. Rinker during his employment with Civil Air Transport (CAT) and Air America, Inc.

Dates: Undated

Douglas H. Robinson Collection

Identifier: L009-98

This collection contains materials related to lighter-than-air, that were created or collected by Douglas H. Robinson, MD.

Dates: 1903 - 1993; Majority of material found within 1915 - 1975

Carl W. Rodreick Papers

Identifier: H042-85

Rodreick was a corporate pilot and served as a Pilot Training Commander of the Royal Air Force and Air Corps Pilot for the Dallas Aviation School.

Dates: Undated

Nelson U. Rokes Collection

Identifier: H015-81
Abstract The Nelson U. Rokes Collection contains material pertaining to his career in the fields of corporate, commercial, and military aviation. The bulk of the material in the collection relates to the 1947 trip to Europe and the 1948-1949 around the world trip that he took with Sam Keener. The material in the collection includes charts, log books, landing clearances, flight plans, meteorological reports, and various navigational tools. Photographs and newspapers clippings...
Dates: 1930 - 1982; Majority of material found within 1935 - 1978

William A. Rooney Collection on the Enola Gay

Identifier: H005-99
Abstract In 1995, the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum (NASM) created an exhibit to feature the Enola Gay, the B-29 bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb in warfare. The initial exhibit was controversial in its nature, with veteran groups claiming that the revisionist historical attitude was omitting the truth behind the reason to drop the atomic bomb and sympathizing too much with the Japanese. Veterans groups and others became involved in campaigns to...
Dates: 1942 - 1999; Majority of material found within 1988 - 1995

Joe Rosbert Papers

Identifier: CA017-93
Abstract Camille Joseph "Joe" Rosbert served in various managerial positions within Civil Air Transport (CAT) after World War II starting in 1947. CAT aided the Chinese National government with supplies and ammunition during the Chinese Civil War and evacuated people after the Nationalists were defeated in 1949. This collection contains archival material collected by Rosbert, such as memoranda, letters, operation plans and reports, notes, logs, statistics, maps, radiograms, and some personal papers...
Dates: 1947 - 1998; Majority of material found within 1947 - 1958

Vice Admiral Charles E. Rosendahl Collection

Identifier: L002-77
Abstract Charles Emery Rosendahl was born in Chicago, Illinois on May 15, 1892. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy in 1914, he served on surface ships before requesting rigid airship duty. Rosendahl flew most of the major rigid airships of the United States including the USS Shenandoah (whose break-up in a storm he survived), the USS Los Angeles, and the USS Akron. He also traveled on the German rigid...
Dates: 1861 - 1979; Majority of material found within 1923 - 1965

Malcolm L. Rosholt Collection

Identifier: CA025-95

The Malcolm L. Rosholt Collection contains microfilm of books, journals, and videotapes of interviews by Malcolm L. Rosholt, and photographic slides taken in Laos by Frederick J. St. Jean.

Dates: 1957 - 1995; Majority of material found within 1989 - 1992

Bob Rousselot Collection

Identifier: CA033-92

Bob Rousselot was a member of the American Volunteer Group (AVG) in the Chinese Air Force (Flying Tigers). From January 11, 1947, he served as a Chief Pilot and Vice President of Operations for CAT, until his resignation on October 31, 1963.

Dates: 1940 - 2007; Majority of material found within 1940 - 1967

E. D. Rudolfs Collection

Identifier: CA088-13

Contains material that relates to E. D. Rudolfs’ duties as a mechanic and helicopter pilot for Air America. It includes manuals, flight, data, and messages.

Dates: 1965 - 1975

The Dr. Robert H. Rutford Collection

Identifier: UA015-11
Abstract Dr. Robert Hoxie Rutford (Born 1933) earned his B.A. (1954) and M.A. (1963) in Geography at The University of Minnesota. In 1969 he earned a Ph.D. in Geology from the same institution. In 1982, he was appointed as President of the University of Texas at Dallas, a position he held until 1994. After stepping down as President, he was appointed to the endowed Excellence in Education Foundation Professorship, teaching and conducting research in UTD’s Department of Geo-sciences. In 2007,...
Dates: 1982 - 1994; Majority of material found within 1984 - 1992

Thomas C. Sailer Collection

Identifier: CA057-99

Consists of materials used by Thomas C. Sailer in his duties with Air America. It includes passports, I.D. cards, maps, documents, and an Air America uniform jacket and pair of pants.

Dates: 1957 - 1977

Ola A. Sater Collection

Identifier: F101-88

Ola A. Sater held a great love for World War I aviation topics and was especially interested in the activities and operations of No. 56 Squadron Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force (RFC/RAF). Sater collaborated with another aviation historian, Alex Revell, on a manuscript entitled Fifty-Six, which provided a history of No. 56 Squadron.

Dates: 1912 - 1990; Majority of material found within 1914 - 1968

Gary Scharnhorst Research on Horatio Alger, Jr. Collection

Identifier: UA013-20
Abstract Gary Scharnhorst was an Assistant Professor of American Literature at The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD). He specialized in studying the life and work of Horatio Alger, Jr. as well as the Gilded Age Period (1870-1900) of American History.Horatio Alger, Jr. (1832-1899) was one of the most popular America writers of the later 19th century. His work tend to focus on the "rags to riches" story where a protagonist achieves success through pluck, resilience, skill, and...
Dates: 1850 - 1984; Majority of material found within 1860 - 1970

Chuck Hodge Collection on Walter H. Scheurs, Jr.

Identifier: H017-11
Scope and Content This collection contains documents, records, correspondence, photographs, newspaper clippings and articles, ephemera and memorabilia and other materials created and/or collected by Walter Henry Scheurs, Jr. during his service in the USAAF during World War II and the USAF from 1947 to 1967. The Chuck Hodge Collection on Walter H. Scheurs, Jr. is housed in two manuscript boxes and four oversize boxes of various sizes totaling 5.64 linear ft.The collection...
Dates: 1905 - 2001; Majority of material found within 1942 - 1967

Arthur L. Schoeni Papers

Identifier: CV005-97

The Arthur L. Schoeni Papers contain photograph prints, photograph negatives, manuscripts, typescripts, clippings, and scrapbooks collected by the donor.

Dates: 1917 - 1988; Majority of material found within 1971 - 1974

The University of Texas at Dallas School of Arts and Humanities Collection

Identifier: UA019-12

Established in 1975, The University of Texas at Dallas (UTD) School of Arts and Humanities offers undergraduate and graduate degrees and programs in visual and performing arts, history and philospohy, and literature and languages.

Dates: 1975 - 2015; Majority of material found within 1976 - 2015

The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences Collection

Identifier: UA218-13

The School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences brings together innovative research, student training, and community outreach in a climate that fosters collaboration and learning.

Dates: 1973 - 1984; Majority of material found within 1975 - 1979

The University of Texas at Dallas School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences Collection

Identifier: UA220-13

The School of Economic, Political, and Policy Sciences (EPPS) is an Academic Unit of The University of Texas at Dallas that offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Sociology, Crimonology, Geospatial Information Services (GIS), International Political Economy, Public Affairs, Public Policy, and Social Data Analytics.

Dates: 1976 - 2005; Majority of material found within 1979 - 1991

The University of Texas at Dallas School of Interdisciplinary Studies Collection

Identifier: UA222-13

The School of Interdisciplinary Studies is an Academic Unit of The University of Texas at Dallas. It offers undergraduate degree programs for Bachelor of Arts inAmerican Studies or Interdisciplinary Studies, and Bachelor of Sciences in Interdisciplinary Studies or Healthcare Studies. It offers a graduate degree in Masters in Interdisciplinary Studies as well as teaching certification and training through the UTD Teacher Development Center.

Dates: 1975 - 1993; Majority of material found within 1980 - 1992

The University of Texas at Dallas School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics Collection

Identifier: UA217-13
Dates: 1964 - 2005; Majority of material found within 1969 - 1996

Olive M. Senn Collection

Identifier: F007-81

Collection contains correspondence, drawings by Ernst Udet, first day covers, photographs, clippings, moving images, memorabilia, and private documents and papers.

Dates: 1914 - 1980; Majority of material found within 1914 - 1919

Paul M. Severson Collection

Identifier: CA151-13

This collection contains documents pertaining to the Far East Pilot's Association, Air America flight schedules CAT Bulletins, Air America Log, survival information, reports, and correspondence.

Dates: 1963 - 1975; Majority of material found within 1971 - 1975

Bob Sexton Collection

Identifier: H005-79

Bob Sexton became interested in flight around the time of his attendance at Baylor University. During the 1930s, Sexton became involved in aviation and remained engaged with it until a stroke in the 1970s took him away from active flying. He was a trainer and examiner with the Civil Aeronautics Adminstration (CAA). His students included men who would join the military during world War II, and civilians after that conflict.

Dates: 1909 - 1976; Majority of material found within 1942 - 1943

Welman A. Shrader Papers

Identifier: H030-84

Welman A. Shrader was both an aviation journalist, an aviation photographer, and a pilot. He was the Director of Publications for the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, the predecessor of The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, (AIAA). Shrader wrote several books and/or provided images from his private collection.

Dates: 1903 - 1981; Majority of material found within 1953 - 1979

William E. Shuttles Collection

Identifier: H004-80

The Royal Air Force Station Honington was part of the Royal Air Forces (RAF) located near Thetford in Suffolk, England and was used by the American Armed Forces (AAF Station 595) as a bomber station during World War II. William E. Shuttles acted as commanding officer of the VIII Air Service Command, Station 595 at Honington, England with the rank of Colonel. Through photographs the collection documents the history of the unit and the status of the battle damaged aircraft.

Dates: 1941 - 1981; Majority of material found within 1943 - 1944

John M. Slattery Collection

 Collection — Multiple Containers
Identifier: TB037-09
Abstract John Matthew Slattery, a World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam War veteran left the Air Force with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. During his Air Force career, Slattery began collecting and documenting information about the history of the helicopter, as well as amassing a collection of models of various helicopters. The bulk of this material was used to establish a historical collection/museum at the offices of Helicopter Foundation International (HFI) in Alexandria, Virginia....
Dates: 1954 - 2003; Majority of material found within 1954 - 1979

Doug Smith Collection

Identifier: CA152-13

Collection contains Boeing 727 study guides, flight patterns, operations manual, emergency check list, and pilot training manual; operator manuals for the Douglas DC-4 and DC-6; Air Asia Convair 880 training guide; and CAT and Air America operator guides.

Dates: Undated

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