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Air pilots--United States--Biography.

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

A. H. Anderson Collection

Identifier: H029-85

Arthur H. Anderson was a private pilot flying numerous airplanes throughout his life. He was a resident of Dallas, Texas.

Dates: 1926 - 1985; Majority of material found within 1932 - 1957

Robert Lancy Burn Papers

Identifier: CA044-99

Robert Lancy Burn was an Air Asia Company Ltd. employee for several months from early 1966 until November 1966, when he became a flight mechanic and supervisor for Air America, Inc. He retired in December 1971. The collection consists of journals, correspondence, and personal documents related to Burn's time with Air America, Inc and Air Asia Company Ltd.

Dates: 1961 - 1980; Majority of material found within 1966 - 1971

Robert E. Dawson Collection

Identifier: CA075-96

Robert E. Dawson was employed as a Senior Company Representative with Air America, Inc. at the Chiang Mai, Thailand facility, from January 11, 1966 until his separation from the company on July 31, 1974. The collection includes pilot information, aircraft manuals, log books, reports, an oil on canvas painting, and correspondence related to the operations of Air America, Inc.

Dates: 1941 - 1974; Majority of material found within 1970 - 1974

James B. Taylor III (President of Canadair) Collection

Identifier: H024-83
Abstract James B. Taylor III was an aviator and international marketer, especially of business jets. He learned to fly in the United States Navy during World War II as a test and carrier fighter pilot. He briefly flew a Douglas DC-3 after the war, however switched to a career in aviation marketing. Taylor was renowned for his innovative marketing approach in selling three business jets: the Dassault Falcon, the Cessna Citation and the Canadair Challenger. He also cleared up the financial troubles of...
Dates: 1971 - 1988; Majority of material found within 1979 - 1983

John D. Ledford Collection

Identifier: L112-86

Jonathan Denton Ledford was both an actor and U.S. Naval Aviation blimp commander with a passion for lighter-than-air airships. This collection includes materials Ledford collected during his time with the U.S. Navy, such as documents related to his time in flight school, personal correspondence and history, flight log book, clippings related to lighter-than-air airships, World War II, photographs of dirigibles, naval ships, and entertainers.

Dates: 1895 - 1968; Majority of material found within 1943 - 1944

Harold F. Miller Papers

Identifier: CA158-87

Harold Frederick Miller was employed by Air America, Inc. as Approved Check Pilot (ACP) and rotor wing pilot at Udorn, Thailand from May 29, 1968 through June 30, 1974, when he resigned from the company.

This collection includes documents, operations manuals, instructions, guides, personnel files, and photographs related to Harold F. Miller's career with Air America.

Dates: 1963 - 1974; Majority of material found within 1969 - 1974

Gayle L. Morrison Collection

Identifier: CA034-95

Gayle L. Morrison is a scholar and academic whose research subjects include the Hmong people of Laos. The Hmong were important allies of the American forces fighting in Laos during the Vietnam War, and were connected to Air America, Inc. operations.

Dates: 1973 - 1998; Majority of material found within 1973 - 1976

Elmer L. Munsell Collection

Identifier: CA057-85

Elmer L. Munsell flew for CAT/Air America, Air Asia, and Air Ventures in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam War.

Dates: 1962 - 1974; Majority of material found within 1964 - 1974

French N. Smith, Jr. Collection

Identifier: CA136-86

French Nestor Smith, Jr. was a captain in the rotary wing division of Air America, Inc. His employment started September 7, 1965, and just prior to the time of his resignation on December 31, 1973, he was an instructor pilot stationed in Udorn, Thailand.

Dates: 1964 - 1989; Majority of material found within 1964 - 1973

Frank E. Stergar Collection

Identifier: CA163-87

Frank Edward Stergar was employed by Air America, Inc. from March 4, 1970 to June 30, 1975 when he separated from the company. This collection contains a photograph of the USS Duluth, correspondence, a map of Laos, and Air Facilities Data.

Dates: 1972 - 1994; Majority of material found within 1972 - 1974

Charles R. Tennstedt Collection

Identifier: H027-83

Charles Russell Tennstedt was a barnstormer and airline pilot working for Eastern Air Lines. He flew numerous airplanes and jet transport planes throughout his career.

Dates: 1914 - 1966; Majority of material found within 1935 - 1937

George P. Truesdale Collection on Love Field

Identifier: H013-19
Abstract George Peter Truesdale had a history with Love Field. This collection includes materials George P. Truesdale collected on Love Field's history and events which took place while he was stationed at the airfield in Dallas, Texas. George P. Truesdale was a Sergeant in the 197th Aero Squadron and led a ten-man wrecking crew assisting with the removal of airship wreckage. The photographs of the crashes in this collection are extra copies given to George Peter Truesdale by the Post Photographer...
Dates: 1917 - 2007; Majority of material found within 1918 - 1919